Date: 15. August 2017

Søren Dyøe Madsen, CEO of STENHØJ HOLDING A/S informs that STENHØJ HOLDING A/S has established the Swedish subsidiary STENHÖJ SVERIGE AB and has through this company acquired Opus Emission, Gothenburg, Sweden from Preqas AB (previously Opus Equipment AB).

In this acquisition STENHØJ has also taken over Opus Instrument Foshan, China and Opus Asia Ltd., Hong Kong.

Opus Instrument Foshan produces and mounts emission testers which are sold through Opus, Sweden and Opus Inc in USA., which is a direct customer with a separate product.

Opus Asia manages logistics and handling of Opus Instrument products.

Opus is a reputable brand, and the product is used for measuring emission of both petrol and diesel cars.

STENHØJ will in its set-up continue product development, marketing sales and service of the emission activities.

Jörgen Hentschel will be co-owner and managing director of STENHÖJ SVERIGE AB. Jörgen Hentschel was one of the two founders of Opus Emission 27 ago. The present employees of Preqas AB and the employees of Opus Instrument Ltd. will be transferred to STENHÖJ SVERIGE AB.

’This step, together with other strategic initiatives during the latest years, brings STENHØJ as a group to the platform where we strategically will be established within the product categories and brands which are to be part of cementing our position in the present market segment where we are operating. These initiatives are also to contribute to the strong foundation that we will have in our efforts to obtain a dominant position, also within other customer segments’, says CEO Søren Dyøe Madsen.

‘Having this strength as a group, STENHØJ intends to grow the emission activity significantly during the coming years, just as I expect great synergies in the Group by using the possibilities that the added value chain can impart more of the Group’s companies. With this we have created the product foundation (brake and shock absorber testers, headlight testers, emission testers and lifts) which is to be built together so that we can become a significant player within the construction of test lanes (vehicle inspection facilities) in cooperation with various players globally’, says CEO Søren Dyøe Madsen.