STENHØJ DK A/S acquires all of Thornac & Knarberg A/S’ automotive activities

Date: 01. February 2018

As of 1 February 2018, STENHØJ DK A/S has acquired all of the automotive activities in the company Thornac & Knarberg A/S, Denmark.

Thornac & Knarberg A/S was previously owned by Kim Christensen, and it has supplied equipment and consumables to the Danish tyre and automobile industry for more than 60 years.

The company is the official sales agent for TECH repair materials, Schrader valves and repair materials, MOTOMETER test equipment and other brands.

“One of STENHØJ’s key values is to be as close to our customers as possible. This applies both geographically and in terms of the product range that is aimed at our customers. This is why I’m very proud that we have, in collaboration with Kim Christensen, made a deal that fully supports our strategy, and above all, will ensure that the brilliant work and the platform that Thornac & Knarberg has built up over the years, is strengthened and goes forward with STENHØJ DK,” says Group CEO Søren Dyøe Madsen.

“This initiative will ensure that we are even closer to our customers in the tyre and automobile industry, where we already today supply equipment from the strongest brands in the industry. The name Thornac & Knarberg is synonymous with reliability and quality, which makes it the perfect fit for STENHØJ DK.

When Kim and I made the decision on an eventual collaboration, we quickly realised that our ideas and approach to the market were identical, and both companies’ activities could benefit from this. I’m therefore very much looking forward to collaborating with Kim and his employees,” says CEO Søren V. Olesen.

Thornac & Knarberg A/S is located in Allerød/Copenhagen, from which its activities will continue. In addition to sales and customer transaction services in Allerød/Copenhagen, customers are serviced by three external sales staff. All of the employees will continue to be employed by STENHØJ DK, including of course, former owner Kim Christensen. Naturally, all of the existing agreements remain unchanged at STENHØJ DK.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our customers for the trust that they have placed in us through the years, and I have complete confidence in selling Thornac & Knarberg’s activities to STENHØJ DK. I look forward to the collaboration and to developing our former agents, but of course also to helping to strengthen STENHØJ DK in the other business areas – both in sales and in service.

I hope that customers and partners will continue to support our products and my employees, and I look forward to continuing the excellent collaboration – now with STENHØJ DK providing support,” says Kim Christensen.

In addition to his employment in STENHØJ DK, Kim Christensen will continue to sell industrial products from Gummiwerk Kraiburg via his own company.


  • STENHØJ DK was established as an independent company in the STENHØJ GROUP in 2015, under the management of Søren Vestergaard Olesen.
  • Today, STENHØJ DK employs 52 people in sales, service and administration.
  • STENHØJ DK distributes a wide range of workshop equipment, including lifts, tyre machines, wheel measurement, break service, compressors, ventilation, oil equipment, and provides workshop interior design.
  • STENHØJ DK distributes recognised brands, such as AUTOPSTENHOJ, Corghi, Bradbury, Dunlop, Beissbarth, Topauto, TECH, Schrader, MOTOMETER, etc.
  • STENHØJ DK is part of the STENHØJ GROUP, which is a Danish family owned company located in Barrit in Jutland, Denmark. STENHØJ was founded in 1917 and has developed into a leading supplier of products and services, especially for the automotive aftermarket. The group consists of 16 subsidiaries in 11 countries. STENHØJ GROUP employs more than 660 people and exports to more than 60 countries worldwide.

For more information contact:
CEO Søren Vestergaard Olesen
Tel.: +45 61 61 80 55

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Left: Kim Christensen.
Right: Søren Vestergaard Olesen.