THE STENHØJ GROUP is conquering Australia

Date: 21. June 2017

THE STENHØJ GROUP wishes a warm welcome to a new member of the family, this time it is on the other side of the world. The company STENHØJ AUSTRALIA has been established with the aim of supporting the local market and larger part of Oceania. This will be conducted at the office and warehouse in Sydney and Adelaide.

The establishment is part of the overall strategy of increased international presence of the STENHØJ GROUP and to intensify the GROUP's activities in Asia. At the same time, AUTOPSTENHØJ has recently held "The AUTOPSTENHØJ Asia Conference 2017" in Bangkok, where the new partners met up.

"AUTOPSTENHOJ, which is a member of the STENHØJ GROUP, will benefit from its expansion within the Australian market" says CEO of the STENHØJ GROUP Søren Dyøe Madsen.

THE STENHØJ GROUP's presence in Australia will bring products and service closer to customers and strengthen the local presence significantly. Supporting the automotive industry, bringing premium high quality products to the country.


Independent of the establishment of STENHØJ AUSTRALIA, in Sydney, the STENHØJ GROUP has acquired a very well established player within lifts in Australia, namely MOLNAR Hoists. MOLNAR Hoists is an Australian producer of lifts located in Adelaide. They are selling primarily within the Australian market, but they also export. MOLNAR is a very well-known brand, celebrating more than 50 years of success.

As a member of the STENHØJ GROUP, MOLNAR will be very strong in Australia, the brand will have access to a large product portfolio featuring an extensive range of inground lifts and brake tester equipment. "We are expecting a stable growth for MOLNAR over the next year", says Risto Koskivuori, and he continues "our focus will primarily be the Australian market, which has big potential, but I would not exclude that with time we will succeed within export markets once again."

In the same way STENHØJ has built its success on good employees, MOLNAR is doing the same. Most employees now come under the STENHØJ GROUP, which has customer support in both sales and service. To secure the necessary focus on activities in Australia, the STENHØJ GROUP is adding management resources and experience from it's own organisation. Previous Export Manager Risto Koskivuori has moved to Sydney, Australia and is now CEO of STENHØJ AUSTRALIA.

"With these strategic and well considered activities, we are excited about the future and have shown that the STENHØJ GROUP is an international company in growth", says CEO Søren Dyøe Madsen.