Meet Sigurd Stenhøj - the founder of STENHØJ, and experience our 100 years of history


  • NEXION S.p.A. and STENHØJ GROUP join forces

    NEXION S.p.A. and STENHØJ GROUP join forces and establish the leading European supplier of products and services for the automotive aftermarket

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  • The STENHØJ GROUP achieves the best results in its 100 year history

    The STENHØJ GROUP has just published impressive results for the financial year 2017/18. In the year in which STENHØJ celebrated its 100th anniversary, the group shows great strength and continued growth. In fact, the group is rapidly approaching the milestone of achieving a turnover of DKK 1 billion.

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THE STENHØJ GROUP is a Danish family owned company located in Barrit in Jutland, Denmark. STENHØJ, was founded in 1917 and have developed into the leading supplier of products and services for the automotive aftermarket.

THE STENHØJ GROUP with their headquarters in Barrit consists of 15 subsidiaries in 11 countries. The Group has 660 employees and export to more than 60 countries worldwide.

THE STENHØJ GROUP is first and foremost a group of people with feelings, ideas, and visions. In other words the employees play an important role in the company.

THE STENHØJ GROUP has built up a team of highly qualified employees, who have the engagement, creativity and knowledge required to achieve the highest level of technical expertise, which the Group continues to meet and exceed. 

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