Annual report 2016/2017 of the STENHØJ GROUP

Date: 13. October 2017

The STENHØJ GROUP has published an excellent result for the financial year 2016/17.

”The Group has achieved the best result in the latest ten years. We are very much contented with this, and we have high expectations for the future”, says CEO Søren Madsen.

Profit before tax was 37 mill. DKK. The turnover was 695 mill. DKK., and this is equivalent to an increase of 6% in local currency. The management of the STENHØJ GROUP is contented with the result, which comes up to the expectations of the financial year.

The STENHØJ GROUP expects the positive development to continue in the current financial year, with a highly increasing turnover and a better result.

New markets – new brands
”In the past year we had an increased focus on marketing and product development, and it turned out to be the right decision,” says Søren Madsen.

The STENHØJ GROUP has intensified the international activities significantly and has added new initiatives and strategies for the various markets, and the success is also evidently reflected in the results.

During 2016/2017 the Group has established itself in Australia with the subsidiary STENHØJ AUSTRALIA, and recently the subsidiary STENHØJ SWEDEN was established, having its own subsidiaries in Hong Kong and China.

The STENHØJ GROUP expects that these companies will contribute to the continuously positive development in the current financial year of the Group.

STENHØJ has provided innovative solutions for 100 years
This year the STENHØJ GROUP celebrates its 100th anniversary. For 100 years the company has provided high quality innovative solutions for the automotive aftermarket, both in Denmark and in many foreign countries.

The STENHØJ GROUP is a Danish family owned company located in Barrit in Jutland, Denmark. STENHØJ was founded in 1917 and has developed into the leading supplier of products and services for the automotive aftermarket. Today the Group consists of 13 subsidiaries in eight countries, and the Group has 600 employees and exports to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Today the main part of STENHØJ’s turnover comes from the automotive sector, but the company still develops and sells a range of products for the industrial sector, including compressors, industrial component/part cleaning machines, and not least presses and broaching machines for large production plants, part of these being sold to the car manufacturing factories.

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